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Q: How long does it take from the first meeting until I get my finished product?

A: It all depends on the individual I’m working with. If the person being interviewed is organized in their thoughts, have images ready to add to their book, we can accomplish the task in as little as 6 weeks. This takes into account the time to have an initial meeting with the client, schedule a time for the audio (or video) interview, develop a transcript and a story from the transcript and gather together pictures to place into a book. The book is reviewed by the client before actually submitting the book request to the publisher.

We find that what makes things speed along more quickly is when there is a deadline, e.g. a milestone birthday for which the book is being created.

Q: How do I prepare for my recorded interview?

A: Think about what aspects of your life you’d like to share with your loved ones and think how to successfully share those stories. How did the events affect you is and why is it important? Those are the questions for which you need answers.

Q: Can I get extra copies of my book and audio or video?

A: Yes, you may order as many copies of your book or video as you’d like. One client gave the books to attendees at their mother’s 90th birthday. Since she was ‘one of ten,’ there were about 40 participants at her party. They ordered books for each family represented at the event. It was quite festive.

Q: I don’t have a lot of pictures to put in my book? How do you work with few pictures?

A: If there is information presented that would be better represented by adding an image, we will simply purchase an image for your book. One book that comes to mind had about one-half of the images from the family archive and the rest purchased.

Q: If I have the video done, will I also get a book?

A: If you’d like, certainly. There is an additional cost to create a book, but all of the material is available for the video, so developing a book is not as involved.

Q: My loved one in in stage 4 of dementia. How do you feel about recording someone with dementia?

A: The issues of dementia are really more in present memory issues; what they had for dinner, or have they taken their medications, etc. What they do have a memory for is what happened in years past. We find that once we show an individual a picture, they can many times tell a story about when the picture was taken, naming the individuals in the picture and other things about the picture. It is certainly worth having a conversation about the events in their lives.

Q: I have a lot of pictures to put in my book? How do I determine which pictures to include?

A: We encourage to include pictures that tell a story. Those are the pictures that are most interesting. Limit the number of pictures of one event to the most significant ones that tell a story.

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