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How we tackle getting your story


We meet with family members and the person or persons to be interviewed to get a sense of what areas of their lives they’d like to discuss. We then determine what images they have that will help them tell their stories. During this initial meeting we discuss the preferred method of capturing their stories, be it audio or video recording. Type of questions will be established during this initial session.


A specific day or days are scheduled for the interviews. The interviewer will ask the questions established during the initial session. The following will transpire:

  1. A transcript of the interview will be established
  2. From that transcript a story will be written for their book. Client will be given the story for review and approval.
  3. Images will be paired with content and a book will be developed.


Client will receive their book along with their audio or video on a DVD. Additional copies available on request.

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Ernesto’s story

Greg’s story

Judy’s Story

           Nellie’s Story

Nellie talks about living on the farm, Santa Margarita, CA

     Gloria’s Story

Buddy’s Story


“At times you don’t really reflect that much on your life but when you’re trying to pick out 5 days that really affected you have to go back and really search yourself and see what really affected you and what made you become what you are. So…those 5 days—I mean they were a huge impact on my life and they ended up making part of why I am.

So I think it’s not just interesting but I think that people need to do that—to take a look because there’s something to pass on. When I get done with this, it’s something to pass on to see in my family where I came from and what has affected me in my life and something my children and grandchildren will be able to go back and look at it and see where they came from and why I affected them in a certain way.”

Ernesto, CA

“Doing my Five Life Changing Days was a hoot! The process of identifying my life changing days was a wonderful self-reflection on my life, actually easier than I imagined. It all came to me rather quickly. And, since I live in Denver, we were able to do this virtually. The Stori Whisperer staff was very helpful in organizing my thoughts and assisting me in selecting meaningful photos.   I love the finished product and look forward to giving them to my two greatest accomplishments, my daughter Gretchen and son, Matt.”

Greg, CO

“I loved working with Judith to create a book for my mother’s 80th birthday. She was fun to work with and knew how to ask my Mom the right kinds of questions. Because of her demeanor, she put my Mom at ease in telling her story and in recommending how to handle some sticky family issues in her book.

I recommend creating this type of keepsake for all families. As Judith says, “we all have a story to tell.”

Liz, CA


Often these books are presented to the
family at a birthday celebration.
Here are some pictures of these events.

Grandson Danny, looks at his grandmother
Nellie’s picture as a young woman. He
appears intrigued by the stylish woman
on the book cover.

Baro family members take the time
to read about their family through
Nellie’s recollections.

Eldest daughter, Erlinda, looks at
the book with her uncle and aunt.

Family members did something unexpected.
The final page of the book contained a list of
the 10 Baro siblings in their birth order.

Attendees used this page to solicit the
signatures of those listed…much as one
would do with a school yearbook.

Son-in-Law Mike Vozzella, and grandson’s
John Vozzella and Cody Berg take a
moment from the birthday celebration
to read about Gloria’s life as a young girl.